The Madman Fontaine – leader of the cult-like Bama, a ragtag, desert-dwelling group that shuns the city

The Painted Men – original inhabitants of the planet Oasis

Isaac – a poor young man who has had to steal to survive and provide for his sister in a Los Angeles plagued by shortages

Rose – the ghost of Isaac’s sister

Boza – Isaac’s enemy from the streets of LA, now a parts-person and arena fighter

Luca – a tough but troubled young Scare City gang leader. She heads the M-80s, a less powerful, all-female group that has a small alcohol franchise granted by the Potato King

Isabel – an M-80s banger

M’Bali – an M-80s banger

Vidya – an M-80s banger

Kevlar – an M-80s hanger, not quite a banger

Heloisa – an M-80s banger

Uribe El Tycún – a “parts-person”, leader of a group of scavengers

Lena – Luca’s mysterious lover, who may be a dream vision or ghost

Samad – a handsome, dangerous capo for the Potato King

Trang – a Potato King banger

Monkfish – a comical, non-human shapeshifter

Silas – Leader of Las Cruces, secretly a powerful, non-human original inhabitant of the planet Oasis who disguises himself as a human.

Kurtzberg – guardian of the entrance to Las Cruces. He is “The Kurtzberg Gate”

Josefa – a capo to for Silas

Ming – a capo for Silas, conspiring against him

Femi Pliers – Silas’s bodyguard

Maks – Silas’s bodyguard

Super Maks – a Las Cruces Banger

Hemangini The Beauty – winner of a Las Cruces beauty contest

Y.M.C.A. – the doorman in “Heaven”

Xuxa – a prostitute in “Heaven” who may be more, or less than she seems

Yu – a prostitute in “Heaven”, secretly leading a revolt against Silas

The Potato King – The monstrously fat leader of the large gang that bears his name; the man who can “grow” something like a plant from which he makes alcohol

Chavez – leader of Gigante, the biggest and oldest faction in Scare City. A mysterious voice on Radio Gigante who preaches a message of peace

Jean-Pierre – leader of the powerful Lost Hill gang. He controls the Big Top, Scare City’s biggest arena

Badr Fikri – boss man of the fighting arena

Jonesy – Badr Fikri’s enforcer

J.D. – an enigmatic thief and smuggler, she trades information with Luca

Talladega – the closest thing to a movie star Scare City has, she stars in popular adventure films shown on the Gumbotron in The Big Top

Mecca – a robot. The number two in command of Gigante, the biggest and oldest faction in Scare City

Hard Guy – leader of Sir Guy. He is telepathically connected to his gang’s members, and they behave more like a hive of bees or a school of fish than a group of individual humans

Laura – The Potato King’s robot consort

The Bug – a tiny drone with a personality of its own

The Oracle of Concrete Park – a disembodied spirit in an ancient stone ruin

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